Reviews for "Rocket Crotch"


this is one of the funniest flashes ive seen on newgrounds, looking forward to the other 7...

lenkalamari responds:

Thanks! There are only three more due this year, cos I plan on REALLY stepping the animation up in them.

Also I recognise the character in your avatar but can't for the life of me remember where he's from.


I'm speechless! That was an inspiring one there, it was!
I enjoyed it very much so, yes!


This is one of the best flash's i've seen in a long time, and even better its English, you do your country proud mate. Hopefully we'll see Jezza pull a nuke from his crotch in the near future.


This may or may not have been the most amazing thing ive seen, next to my collection of shiny trinkets. Continue the assthrashing animation and humor!


thats crazy... he shoots with two mini guns from his crotch, then 16... shoulda made an army of mini guns pop outta his crotch! that would be awesome.