Reviews for "Rocket Crotch"

"Ya made me lose ya fat shit!!!"

Too funny for words poor Jess hahah. Although at times the audio was still a bit hard to hear and understand. Voices and character designs were excellent. Looking forward to the next installment of Rocket Crotch!!!

cant wait for number 2

i hope episode 2 will be better then episode, show all the evil coffee people in the next episode, like your deviantart

Woah !

Dude this was really awesome ! Love the "how to do this" scence at the beginning xD Keep up the good work ! with me you got a new fan :p waiting for the next episode <3 YOur drawings are something different from the other stuff on NG but this is what it makes awesome, so you get 10/10 for your flash


This kicks so much tail. And you made me laugh. So tentententen. Tenten. Rocketcrotch should be on tv :D


dude awsome its bout time there were more british animators mate, keep it up it was the most origanal thing iv seen on newgrounds