Reviews for "Rocket Crotch"

fukin brilliant

iv only just recently watched all of these, i love them
it feels like im watching the mighty boosh mixed with the leage of gentlemen :P
trully good work, love the british humour


Its awesome i also find the voice acting to be phenomenal do you do the main voice of jezza lenko? because if so i must say it sounds awesome. looking forward to the next one but its been quite awhile since another one was made when will the next one be finished?

lenkalamari responds:

There's a halloween ep coming on the 30th

I'm aiming to get the proper sequel out on the 'anniversary' of this ep.

I voice act for all the characters, apart from Kaz.


what a crotch rocket.

lenkalamari responds:

Yeah man!


I think the animation is more of "Roald Dahl-meets-Gorillaz" of sorts, well, I like that. I'm not trying to criticize you or anything... BUT 'stop the evil doctor & save the world'...well that git has been done to death.
Now the Mecha-crotch twist...THAT is original!
Kudos to Jiz-erp, Jezza.

lenkalamari responds:

I kinda wanted to build off cliches in a way. Sorta turn them on their head. pixar does it all the time

great work

this will be a great series, the only thing i would recommend though is to work on your transitions, in this they seemed a little glitchy, very original and funny though

lenkalamari responds:

I blame the FPS I was working on for that.

The new ones will be much sexier : )