Reviews for "Rocket Crotch"


original? funny? well-animated? what more could you ask for? :D
the only thing i could possibly think of for improving it were just a few frames of animation in a couple of spots, but you appear to be a very good animator when you want to be ^_^
can't wait for episode 2!

Well done

Snappy, good work


i loved the green nosed russian guy

audacity is your friend

I'd give you a ten for originality and so on , I really liked it but the fact the sounds were off in almost all lines of dialog some louder and quieter where it needed to be steady. That put aside nice job LenkoB

My only problem

with this movie was that some of the sounds got louder at random, and not just by a little bit, but by a very noticeable amount. other than that it was really funny and nicely done.