Reviews for "Rocket Crotch"

Dear christ!

That was brilliant! The storyline, voice-acting and all the absurdness of this flash are so incredibly hilarious, I can't wait for the next part. The only flaw was the sometimes scruffy and simple animation. There's some work in that department, but the rest was enough to give this a rating of 9/10, especially the British slang, I could never get enough of that. Sweet lord, make more of these!

Great I Loved this

This was an awesome Flash to watch after a long day of work. It was entertaining and simple to comprehend. I commend you guys on a respectable job. Thank you, this made my day and night

familiar stylings

reminds me of burnt face man, devvo and salad fingers :P good stuff man

lenkalamari responds:

Haha yeah, I'm literally a town away from david firth

Woah... k...

I'm kinda lost for words on this one, your style for some reason reminds me of an artist I forget the name of and Roah Dahl with a modern twist added to it. Not much to say on the story really since you clearly went for a parody version of 'generic normal guy turns hero' story but the style is awesome.

It's neither ugly and inexperienced nor flawlessy polished to death, its somewhere inbetween . Not much more to say really, it's an interesting style you use, the only complaints are more technical ones like you friends recordings sound a lot still like they're straight from a microphone if that makes sense. There also seems to be some kind of problem with sound and animation timings and besides jack I never really saw much frame by frame, but hey it's your first submission if there wasn't areas for improvement it would make you a freak of nature! x.x


BAM! Voice acting!
BAM! Animation!
BAM! Humor!
BAM! Action!
BAM! 5!