Reviews for "Rocket Crotch"


i can watch this 200 times over and still be entertained this is gold cant wait for rc2 r8 gr8 m8

i love this. its my favorate video

yeh i bet he likes chocholate expeshely fudge

sorry about horrible writing

Why...the fuck...have I never seen this...

As long as I've been a fan of your art, and thinking that the characters and shit you draw involving rocket powered crotches is random as hell, I have never seen this movie. Even for being 2 years old, the art style and the comedy had me with a big goofy grin the whole time I watched it. Love the colors and the characters. The action could've used some work but it seems like you were aware of that. ("With the power of bad animation and a fishing rod I defeated the shark") Sweet work man.

ten outta ten

Fuckin cheif animation there, funny as too. Top notch.

I love this!

Snaps for Lenko. <3