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Reviews for "Ffyl"

it was nice but...

When they were 'dancing' it looked very very choppy and didn't fit very well.
Your character designs were nice, until they moved. Then they took a severe reduction in quality. Also, what is up with the vampires mouth it really doesn't look nice at all.Especially the way it just snaps back into his face as if it were neevr there.
Also the terragen'ed backgrounds don't really fit with the rest of your animation. It makes your drawing look worse than it actually is. This is due to the juxtaposition of semi-photorealistic scenes and hand drawn characters/scenes. Also, your items seemed to stick out far too much. They were very nicely done they just seemed out of place.

Example: in the scene where the main character is walking in front of the villager people with her sword, she was drawn impeccably while the people in the background looked like they were put in as an afterthought.

It was a good story even if it was a little cliched. You gave just the right amount of backstory and told it well within your time constraint.
You had some amazing cuts((Example being when the vampire jumped over her head and you did the pan around her)) But you must watch out because it is jarring to see her looking strangely different in every scene. Just as it is very jarring to have that nicel painted scene in the intro and immediately cut into the movie and its so much simpler drawn.
Also, Why did the necklaces turn green for that few frames in the flashback?

_Just my thoughts take them as such_

Uh... huh.

I have no build up of the plot.. no summary to work with. So the girl dances, and all of a sudden out of fuckin nowhere monsters attack.. and she is THE ONLY PERSON THAT CAN KILL THEM. Why? Hell if I know.. There was some guy running with a sword, that looked a bit stronger... but only she had the power. So, he didnt attack her because .. fuck she had his little girls amulet on.. big wow.. so apparantly she's a blacksmith and a gyspy now.. because she made a sword in no time flat. The hell.. Okay okay, Im willing to accept that.. Im even willing to accept that the flying guy was killed easily by sword, when bullets had no effect on him.. and there was no runes on the sword that made it any easier.. I guess what I am trying to say is..

WARNING: Anime music makes people do stupid shit, without the need to evaluate why they are doing it.


The animation was superb. It was the highlight of the video. The hippie-like people are unbelievable (as in, why would they have the ability to fight and kill vampires?) The song choice was terrible. It in no way drives one or pumps one up for action as is presented in the animation. The animation was definitely all that was amazing about this video.

your forgot the basics

this would have gotten a glowing review from me except you forgot the most basic element of flash design, a load screen and load bar. since it had neither it was a black screen until the flash abruptly started. since it had neither it periodically crashed (back to black screen) and then eventually resumed where it was.

had you not forgotten such a basic element of flash design you would have received an 8 from me with compliments regarding the music, story and layout. additionally i would have suggested working on your animation because the drawing and movement was choppy at several points.