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Reviews for "Ffyl"

pretty damn good

i'll give 8 for the animation. the song made my ears bleed (sorry everyone) just not my style, i like punk, rancid (east bay style) classic rock, some alternative, and dragon force is nice. well if you had better music yup. and i know you can draw way better. you're very talented (i can see) but when the vampire dude has his mouth wide.. on too wide.. and it snaps back too fast.. no offence tho... make another tho... thing i didn't like most WAS THE MUSIC... overall, some of the best things i have every seen.


There was no real animation, just stills with tweens, but it had good composition.

very nice

liked the art. pretty good animation. ironic and everything. nice.

Nice Nice

I agree with the person under me Good Animation i give it a 8/10 not bad thow


this was an awsome music video tho i widh it was a little longer but none the less a very good video. please do more music videos and im sure you will get perfect soon. ^_^