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Reviews for "Ffyl"

It's been a long time since I've reviewed

.... this is what drives me nuts sometimes about the voters of newgrounds. Someone could shit a mario bros animation together in a couple hours and it'll top the 50 chart. All aspects of your art in this animation was superb. Your current 3.82 score is an insult. Beautiful piece, you are an artist.


An excellent piece of work.
Newgrounds needs more artists like you.
Just for the record - can you give me a translation of the song? :D


make a tutorial.

Dear god, that music sucked ass.

I feel your score has been lowered for 1 reason. This song sucked major ass. It was too upbeat and cheery for your theme of noir, saddening revenge story which usually follows all anime styled music videos, seriously... it's all been done before.

I'm giving you a 10, even though the music sucked, it was off-tune and the storyline sucked because the animation was wonderful. The visuals consisted to be amazing throughout the entirety of the animation, the animation was unbelievably fluent and mixed with these well wrought out visuals only ensured your success.

But to be honest, if you had fixed the music and storyline, it would have been oh so much better.


Amazing music and animation, and if I understand the story correctly excellent theme. This for certain belongs in Vampires and Music Videos COllections.