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Reviews for "Ffyl"

You Will Enjoy This.

amazing. i smell a new contender for top 50. watch out bitey. definately will be on the front page tommorow. this.....flash.......was.............
..........awsome. Graphics 10/10 Sound Nice Song 10/10, I liked the theme and the story without dialogue (those are always nice). Action and Drama. 10/10.

The best

It was the best music video i have seen in a long time.
The story was fantastic.
The grapics are awesome!
And never forget the sound.
A truly magnifisant flash that desurves a place in my Favorites.

Very good...

This flash is very good it looks like you worked very hard on it and the graphics are superb including the music, good luck on future flashes...


very nice

I have to admit I love your animation style and the premise of the video. Your illustration needs a bit more practice at certain parts and the background for the crossing the bridge scene didn't seem to fit to well, but overall very good.