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Reviews for "Ffyl"


Best flash i have seen all day, the guy before was just jealous of your obvious flash skill. Good gaphics and music aswell, something you don't see very often.

Keep it up,


the person who said that you should review your vampire lore should review his own depending on the type of vampire you may have to use metal or wood like a asian vampire witch dosent drink blood but suck its victim dry of chi you need to use metal further fire the sun and removeing the head useually tackes care of vampires, any ways awsome video id love to see more!


good stuff i liked it a lot i got this one favored. and lammer yah, stake is to destroy a vampire along with sunlight destroying there coffin and emersing them in running water. a vampire can be killd by any means but they wont stay down, lets assume that for this flash she left the body out in the sun!


dont listen to the idiot below...he watches too much buffy...vampires can be killed with anything as long as it goes through the heart....on the movie...awesome...kewl music and concept...KEEP EM COMING !!!

Yes, Vampires are real

Sorry lamer17 you must have read the offical guide on how to slay vampires, seen as they are in every day existance :)

Keep up the good work, ignore the bullship from lamer17 :D