Reviews for "Bowser's Kingdom: Eps 7"

That was fast

Wow, I wasn't expecting another one of these episodes for a long time. The series is great, and really should of its own series collection on Newgrounds

Nice job

yay ^,^

this is one great movie


i like the wii part

extramly good!

the searies is the best but quick question. is mouser voiced by the guy who voiced Geno in episode 666? reguardless an awsome series

pthouse responds:

Yes. I'm the guy who does the voice for Geno, Mouser, Jeff the Goomba, all of the Shy Guys and Big Boo. So far those are all of the characters I've voiced for.

Kept me entertained for the time being.

This flash had a really good storyline to it. The elements that i liked about this flash was the comedy and the voice acting. They were both well done. Some of the parts like the Wii and the Austrian Turtle gave me a good laugh. I love getting good laughs from flashes that are entertaining. The Sprite animation was really good. The lip synching was on target. This flash was incredible. I absolutely loved it. I can't wait to see episode 8 when it comes out. Beautiful Work Andrew and Patrick! :D

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