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Reviews for "Storm 1.1"

Very good start

Initially, I just thought this was yet another samey-TD game, but I decided to give it a chance.
I really like the mines - having to balance between defensive structures and resource collection can be tricky in the later levels.
Overall it definitely kept me entertained, until Firefox crashed :(

However, just a few possible suggestions -
-Upgradable weapons (Increase damage, range, etc)

-Place several weapons (currently if you want to place a few you have to keep clicking on the weapon button, maybe make the placement method more like Desktop tower defense)

-Add a few more map types (different routes for the enemies), different terrain, etc

-More enemy types

-Different weapons having higher/lower effects on different enemies (e.g. Flying enemies can only be hit by certain weapons)

-More sounds (different sounds for different weapons)

-Different projectiles for different weapons

Best of luck,


very good idea and design...
however there are some placing problems when you have a lot of turrets
and its really easy to get super rich by about the 6th wave.

apart from that its a good defense game...

but if you make another take those things into consideration and you'll
have a great game!


Though a little easy, otherwise quite fun

Not the game of the future... but its cool!

What can be said about Storm? Defend your base, expand you base... and kill enemies. It does not differ much from other Defense type games... but it is fun to watch.

I cold not stop smiling when wave after wave after wave of enemies got butchered without inflicting a successful blow against my defenses... although that does change in the later stages of the game it is the ending which is the most dissapointing...

The reason for this is that by level 15 you are capable of controlling an uber base, with enough money to build solemnly Heavy Artilley Guns. The enemies are at some point helpless, and clueless as to how to get past our solid blocks of turrets.

Apart from that, and a lack of a boss at the end of the game... perhaps a closely indestructible tank that simply rolls over our defences and we have to put an effort into surviving, this game is great.

The graphics, very good, sounds are also good. Lack of music... well I could change that if from time to time there was an enemy radio message suggesting they are loosing badly... This diserves an 9, it is not a full ten because it does become a tad too easy, and at some point you can't help but think, could there be more types of defences/more enemy types?

Also, I thank the creator for the "Send Next Wave" button. That saved me a lot of waiting.