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Reviews for "Storm 1.1"

Too hard

I played normal probably a dozen or more times and my best game I got to level 23 by building lines of machine guns and best gun back and fourth. I was moving forward until about level 20 where my cash flow and the money I was making wasn't covering my losses any longer.

What makes it tougher is that the guns auto-aim at the lowest level unit on the field first which means when the best enemies units start shooting at my defenses, a lone low level unit will wander onto the field and all guns will turn to it letting the enemy units decimate my defenses without recourse. It would be better if you could choose a target or even if the number of mines allowed was based upon the level reached.

I also think the levels were mislabeled. Easy was tough, I would name it normal as it took a number of tries and getting used to how the game worked before you were capable of beating it.

Normal is Hard as I doubt any but the craziest of people are going to beat it and

Hard should be labeled Extreme or something equally as fitting and basically nobody will beat it.

Easy should be a set of levels that the only way to lose is to be stupid..


Just beat the game on easy. Very well made. One of the best defense games on here. Being able to upgrade the guns would be great, but the game still rockz! Nice work. Keep it up, and be safe!


This is a very good game, I am a big fan of any defense and action or stick/action and I can tell you this is one of the best!

looks promising

Just pay attention to what critisism your getting in these reviews and keep them in mind when you make another game and it could be the top defence game on Newgrounds.

waaaay too easy

by the end of the game I had the map filled with the highest level tower