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Reviews for "Awesome Video Games Ep17"


loved the re-enactment at the beginning but i didn't really understand the ending, why wasn't Ace hipnotized anymore?

4/5 and 9/10

Hopefully next episode you'll get back on track with actual VG. This is gettin' like a sitcom. The R.O.B. AWESOME remix is really funny. The original intro song is good aswell.

I love your show

However I just dislike the fact that you're degrading the intensity of "awesome" once again. Along time ago "awesome" was only used for the power of super nova's. Now it is nothing more then the word "good". I know you didn't start this, and I know you have every right to use that word in such a weak manner, but at least give a few seconds on how this word died and honor its memory.

(please respond)


congrats on the seris!!!!!! i LOVE IT!


You're looking too much at the camera, but other than that putting all your effort and doing everything you can to make this interesting and it is, all of the episodes are AWESOME so really nice job!