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Reviews for "Awesome Video Games Ep17"

Camera work

You're looking too much at the camera, but other than that putting all your effort and doing everything you can to make this interesting and it is, all of the episodes are AWESOME so really nice job!


R.O.B turns evil XD
R.O.B is awesome !

"TAKE OUT THE TRASH !!!!!!!!!!"


he really is. major SPOILERS


r.o.b. is the anceint minister. when the team invades the subspace bomb factory gannondorf makes all the robs activate bombs, and the ancient minister starts to attack them to et them to stop. that all blast him with lazers and his uniform to call it burns off, and it is r.o.b. in his original famicom colors ( whiteish cream body and red arms) but his NES colors are an alt. color he is rather powerful and has a move similar to the wario waft in the fact that the longer you DONT use it the stronger it gets.


Awesome as always.

A great episode

The shaky camera effects were cool and added to the mood of danger of the scenes. I liked how you quickly changed from one attack scene (on the bookshelf) to another (gun to Ace's head). The birthday scene and the last line--priceless.