Reviews for "The Hobbit - Act I"




Now <i>The Hobbit</i> holds a special place in my heart... in grades 5-12 I would write *at least* one book report on it each year for English class, because it was always on every reading list, so I just kept using it. Unfortunately my exposure to many works of great literature was severely compromised by this little stunt, but on the plus side I sure got a laugh out of this video! Please finish it soon!! It's creative, original, and the humor is wonderful.

old man willow stol e my pants!

when is act II gonna be here?
Do you have a time frame?
or estimate? or whatever?

YAY another LOTR flash

I love your work, and although I never read the Hobbit it was still fun to watch =D I like the jokes you put in it. Very entertaining!!

Can't wait for part two... if you animate it ^^-


WOW! thats amazing...favourited!
i laughed so many times!