Reviews for "The Hobbit - Act I"


Genious! I love all of LegendaryFrog's animations!
This one is no exception!
Goin' right into my favorites!
Everybody, WATCH THIS!
You shant not be dissapointed =]


The original tale of the hobbit,with humor added to it. I like it

I liked it!

I can't wait for the second one and LOL @ the very end.


This is a good flash movie. Good animation, kinda funny, and all that. This movie has its funny times & that was really cool giving the storybook part a little paper texture flair. That was a nice touch. When those elves said "rave" & the way that hobbit guy was throwing the glow sticks, I thought about The Cheat throwing a lightswitch rave. Anyway, great flash. I hope you make a Part II.

old man willow stole my pants

graet movie is ther anywere i can download it to show my friendswithout internet