Reviews for "The Hobbit - Act I"

whoo hoo

this was fantastic, i really enjoyed the pipe and breakfast jokes (even tho, people who haven't read the books probably won't get them), looking forward to parts 2 & 3.


Glad to see another flash from you...Anyways that was awesome great job on the animation.

Rather Pathetic

The animation lacked direction, the art style was appaliing and the animation lack fluidity. The humour, if you could call it that, was rather sub-par to a point in which it was non-existant.

The characters seems too exist in their own universe rather than too relate to each other as any form of communication between several other characters seemd to create a false relationship.

Leanr to animate, learn to establish characters realtionships and for the love of mormon Jesus learn to develop proper narrative progression.

awwwwwwwww man

awwww man this is hilarious....i love the LOTR series and the hobbit....my friend and i make fun off it all we can....but you are the king.....AMAZING JOB