Reviews for "The Hobbit - Act I"


the rave part was the best. i do love the rest of it dude nice to no u r not dead.

Exellency at its finest

That was a great movie. one of your best. can't wait for part 2!

nice to see your still working on this

that was so funny cant wait for the next one


I loved this flash, as I have loved all your previous flash works. I have always been a fan of you're lord of the rings animations, and it's great to see a new addition to the 'series'. As in the one ring to rule them all series, you've taken a story, and added comedy into it, but the thing I really liked about this flash, was that it wasn't only focused on the actual story. It was still focused on the stories of Wayne and Sauron. I loved the artwork, storytelling (both J.r.r Tolkeins, and yours), I just really enjoyed this submission all together. You have great animating skills, and I can't wait to see future submissions from you!

Cant wait

Was so funny. Cant wait for act 2.