Reviews for "The Hobbit - Act I"

Really nice, I didn't know this existed.


I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. The voice acting was superb and fitting to the characters. I especially enjoyed Tom Badillo,the storyteller's voice work. I haven't heard such absurd and hilarious dialogue in awhile and I really did laugh out loud on his parts.
Keep up the great work!

Ha ha

"J.R.R. Tolkien is the next JK Rowling" =P

It's cool that you used the original version of "The Road Goes Ever On" instead of the one from the movies. I actually had a music book of Lord of the Rings songs that Tolkien himself wrote the music for.

Funny, but...

That narrator has the most annoying voice in the world. He sounds like a mix between an old crazy prospector and dolphin. But who cares, it adds to the humor, and it is a funny adaptation of a classic story. Great Job!

a great way to look at the book

and to kashi-donno you didnt read the book did you?