Reviews for "The Hobbit - Act I"

I feel bad for not reading the original version of "The Hobbit". Well, I saw this old cartoon version and all the movies in the recent series. Yes, they're not as good as "The Lord Of The Rings". I still really enjoyed this. I am so proud of myself that I recognized Tom Bombadil! You did the same thing the movie creators did.

They split it into a three part series! It's great to see characters like Gandalf. They weren't in your other series. I especially love the setup. Sauron looks better animated than ever!

sauron's Voice is AWFUL!

Love the blind guardian at the beginning XD

The best part of it is. Legendaryfrog beat Peter Jackson by 5 years!

Oh man I just saw that movie a few days ago in the theaters the parody is pretty much nailed it much like One Ring to rule them all did. Loved you're style back then and I still do now. Hey maybe you might wanna finish the second half sometime before the next one comes out?

Peter Jackson is late, Legendary Frog beat him by 5 years haha