Reviews for "Create-A-Ride"

Duded this game rules

hey i play this every day it rules o yea my friend duded he got a new time oyu may thnk i'm full of shit but he got 5.01 man please post that on the game or anything man well later o yea good job!

pretty good

Could use a tune-up (no pun intended) the music could be more like the selection of DragRacer or something like that, but other than that the game was fine

that game was sweet!

i set the record oday for .501! that was awusm i cant believ i did it. this game kicks ass

not bad

i got .508 , that was hella hard too lol wasnt that bad i guess


ehh it was okay, better than the lasdt one, and i got the new high time! .522 seconds