Reviews for "AN Escape Series #3"

Just ok

I dont no... But escape games are too repetitives. And this isn't different.

And yeah, i beat it.

Wow, another escape game

this game is essentially just like the crimson room, and MYST. Either of which is quite mundane to solve once you've solved it all. This one comes with a walkthrough, but no captioning option that I could see, making the game more reliant on hearing, which with no speakers, makes it hard to play. The game is well drawn and plays decently. This should be a good puzzle game for anyone who likes to click all over the f-ing place and such. Afro-ninja did a good job designing this piece, and put together a challenge for just about anyone. It's worth playing a couple of times.


Kinda simplistic, no story, and doesn't make a lick of sense (why are you locked in a phone booth that just happens to have exactly the items you need to escape it?), but less frustrating than a lot of these kind of games can be (no pixel-thin clues or items that make no sense together).

Gltiched Up

This one is a bit more difficult than the last two, but still fun...until I had to use the socket screwdriver. No matter where I click, the two bolts won't come off, thus making the puzzle unsolvable.


it wont take my qurter :(