Reviews for "AN Escape Series #3"


i pressd the tab key cause i was stuck and it called me an a** hat:(


22:31 and no walkthrough! a personal best! loved the game, keep making more

Pretty good

Couldn't fiure out the word thing for the life of me, I had to use the walk through.

pretty good

this was the easiest one i have played by far, it took me 17 min. and 51 seconds, but it was still really fun, it didnt make me feel like an idiot for not figuring sumthing out, and by the way, it wasnt the aliens from signs that made that clicking noise, it was the noise from the grudge, notice the companies name was grudge......idiot


to the man below me, NO WALKTHROUGH EITHER, BITCH!
good game, took me a while to get the little box puzzle at the end,
Also, i spent 7 full minutes trying the FULL NAME of something, when it was just the FIRST WORD.