Reviews for "AN Escape Series #3"

really nice game

my time was- you don't believe it - 9 min 52 sec.
it was really easy tough. the letter drop game took me 3mins! i actualy wanna end the game in less then 8 mins...... Before the minigame, it was 6 mins 52 sec..
beat my time if you can


well wasnt that a nogin scratcher keep it up!


so cool i like it. couldnt do this by my self thank god 4 walkthrough. who ever can solve this on there own is weird, crazy and a nerd so hard and thats not u :p


Incredibly tough but I beat it without the walk through. (Yay for me)
but I'd prefer to call 911 or 112 or just break the window.


another a game done well the grudge thing sounded like clicking but i havent seen it but knew what it was