Reviews for "AN Escape Series #3"

Great game!

I had some fun with this. Not too difficult, but not easy either. Also has a nice atmosphere.

That thing with the grudge, I initially thought that it was a lawn mower that was being wound up, but I realized that it was supposed to be raspy breathing.


Great game! I didn't have to use a walkthrough either.

You don't actually have to search for that quote on google, you can work it out through trial and error and common sense.

The puzzles were great, overall an awesome game!


Very intelligently done! I really liked the whole concept of using the telephone as a part of the strategy. And the quote at the end was great! And the binoculars! Loved it!

Awsome! 10 stars Baby!!

Okay! So you know the part when you get to the game "Letter Drop" Right? It's ALOT like Wheel Of Fortune.

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