Reviews for "AN Escape Series #3"

Great game!

I had some fun with this. Not too difficult, but not easy either. Also has a nice atmosphere.

That thing with the grudge, I initially thought that it was a lawn mower that was being wound up, but I realized that it was supposed to be raspy breathing.


was my first time.

I thought i'd get better having done the other two before.

but, man, there is no end to your tomfoolery. the twists that get thrown at us that make each one different from the last, really switch things up from game to game.


It took me a while but I got it. These games kinda creep me out. IDK why


i gived up -_- but mostly i just quited cause i got scared from the (grudge gas co)
when u call it u hear the grudge O-o thats scary >_< especially in the night, when u hear the grudge u espect nothing but a screamer -_-
good game though (i tried again skipped the gas Co. for no grudge and beat the game in 35:30) yes i know it hard >_<


11:03 no walkthrough fml xD i could have done it faster but i didnt know which company to call first -.-