Reviews for "AN Escape Series #3"

Nice Work!

This game was well thought out. I enjoyed it. Great job Afro-Ninja on the construction of the game, and KTR for the music!

One of the few point and clicks ive finsihed.

I only neede help with the no money, 5675, return twice part. UH, I went from 23 minutes to a little under three minutes the second time. As soon as you find the 5675 nothing else matters.

Good game.

I love it!

This is like Michael Scofield, Prison Break, thinking stuff. I love it. It's amazing. I hope to see another one with even more intricket thinking needed. Kudos! 5'd, 10'd.


Best one yet. The Grudge movie reference and the 8675309 is funny now it is stuck in my head!

Very good game

This is a really hard and well done escaping game and to the ones that dialed the password and didnĀ“t work you have to press the symbol in the bottom (ah dont remember how is it called) but it is on the left bottom side