Reviews for "AN Escape Series #3"

nice game

what happens when u type in that 867-5309 number? you said you know what happens or somethin like that. does something pop up?

7:47 seconds!?

this is definitely the easiest of the series (excluding 2.5). I would have been done sooner if it weren't for the western union quote at the end which would have been hard if i didn't know how to use google.
overall it was great it was just easier than the last ones


jajaja, myfirst try was like 16min, my second try 1:41, very goodgame, interesting and with reallistic look


That was fun.
Took me 28 minutes.
Any game that keeps me playing for half an hour gets full score. Congratz =]

I guess the only thing I might suggest is a surprize ending that you don't reveal yourself, maybe

beat it in 0:10

I just turned to the right and headbutted the glass.