Reviews for "AN Escape Series #3"

come on guys....

seriously, don't use the walktrhough...honestly. I beat it in 34:34 without using the walkthrough, and if i can do it you sure as hell can too.

great game. keep em coming.

should have made it a little longer

I like the series a lot but still I can't wait for the next one you rock


this game really got me thinking i actualy needed help on this one good game


I'm surprised that it took so long to post on Newgrounds. I played it a few months ago on another site.

Afro-Ninja responds:

check my latest blog post


I beat it in 2:13

1. select the phone
2. click the change return button
3. select the change slot and grab the socket
4. select the phone
5. dial 5675 and push the change return button twice
6. select the change slot and grab the key
7. use the key in the blue door under the phone
8. grab the screwdriver
9. combine the screwdriver with the socket
10. click on the nuts next to the red handle
11. unscrew them with the socket screwdriver
12. pull the red handle
13. play the word game, the answer is "THE TELEPHONE IS INHERENTLY OF NO VALUE TO US"
14. leave the phone booth