Reviews for "AN Escape Series #3"

Pretty good

Couldn't fiure out the word thing for the life of me, I had to use the walk through.

Great game!

I had some fun with this. Not too difficult, but not easy either. Also has a nice atmosphere.

That thing with the grudge, I initially thought that it was a lawn mower that was being wound up, but I realized that it was supposed to be raspy breathing.

One of the few point and clicks ive finsihed.

I only neede help with the no money, 5675, return twice part. UH, I went from 23 minutes to a little under three minutes the second time. As soon as you find the 5675 nothing else matters.

Good game.

sik game

i like the idea and everything this game is pretty well done

i beat this in 10 minutes on the other website

pretty cool, it was pretty easy, and i loved the grudge reference. also good job swain and maus for the voice talent that was cool. great game hope there's a 4th