Reviews for "AN Escape Series #3"


One of the best escape games I played. I was a little dense, but I got it in 20:56.

Wow, another escape game

this game is essentially just like the crimson room, and MYST. Either of which is quite mundane to solve once you've solved it all. This one comes with a walkthrough, but no captioning option that I could see, making the game more reliant on hearing, which with no speakers, makes it hard to play. The game is well drawn and plays decently. This should be a good puzzle game for anyone who likes to click all over the f-ing place and such. Afro-ninja did a good job designing this piece, and put together a challenge for just about anyone. It's worth playing a couple of times.

great but...

Perhaps provide subtitles for the speaking parts? Otherwise impossible for those that can't hear anything.


Fun escape, and i've played quite a few. 17:17


I loved this game when I played it on other sites, but... this game just came to NG NOW? I was looking for the fourth one if there was one...but I guess that thought's gone for now...