Reviews for "AN Escape Series #3"

easiest on yet



I escaped in 00:31:21. God what a pain in the ass that was. But it was a great game. good job guys. I vote 5 and give it 10 stars. I has to use the walkthrough.

a little bit easy, but enjoyable

I always look for walkthrough when I do this kind of escaping games...but
this time, I could solve all the puzzles without walkthrough...
clues were somewhat obviously given...but I enjoyed finding them.
I think it is the best among the escape series you've been making so far

Loved the Idea of using a phone booth!!

One fo the best Escape Games I've played! short but sweet, loved how you entwined solving puzzles with phone numbers.


ummm once you got the quarter wouldn't you just call for some one? instead of finding another use? and what were binoculars doing in a phone booth? creepy...

Afro-Ninja responds:

Obviously the booth is rigged, just like any other escape game. But yeah, binoculars in the phonebooth = 0 rating, I agree