Reviews for "AN Escape Series #3"


I love creative puzzle games like this and the rest of your Escape series. I found this one very original due to the emphasis placed on the phone itself, although it was a bit too straightforward.

I finished in just under nine minutes, no walkthrough. I hope you have more creative locations such as this for your future Escape games.
Make many, many more. :D

good game

I love the genre and you are probably the top of the list. But seriously SPOILER you have to call nights or something?

I love it.

i just can't get enough of these escape games


I like it and all but maybe you should add subtitles for the people like me with broken computers and cheap parents. Please & Thx.


this is the first one that i really tried to beat. and after i beat it in 7 minutes i beat it again in 2:42....im sure i could go fast one more time. But good job. i liked the quarter thing.