Reviews for "AN Escape Series #3"


Very fun game, a lot harder than the other ones. This is how escape games should be!

really great game. you know how to make a proper point and click game. i like how everything is logical, not random like in some point and click games out there. its like "oh... your supposed to cut a hole in the bottom of the trash can for some reason... that makes sense". anyway, very good game all around! music was cool, i like the timer feature for bragging rights! also i love the concept of being trapped in such a confined space and finding your way out. phonebooth is a great setting and you did a fantastic job with all the art and everything. there's a movie with colin farell where he's trapped in a phonebooth, hehe. except... hes being held at gunpoint, lol.

point is, great game 5/5

Lol Got annoyed and looked up quote. Great setup though.


dial 867-5309 to hear the song it's from!