Reviews for "AN Escape Series #3"

great game

I loved all 3 series of "AN Escape". It make me have a brain workout. :)
Hope there are more for it.

Argh, frustrating but great.

45 minutes, spent most of the time trying to decipher the letter drop. lol

Great game, really good concept.


I didnt see the walkthrough at the botom and it took me over 4 hours to figure it out on my own with several retrys which in other turns mean I AM NOT A VERY OBSERVANT PERSON. D: but the ebst thing i ever played in 4 hours of my life so puzzleing.

This was great cant wait for the next one

Don't change a thing let the players get smart enough to play don't dumb it down if they put enough time and effort into this they can do it. It's good some times to earn something over the instant gratification of simple puzzles. Keep up the good work and im sure we will see you on the front page soon enough.


I like this game and i love what happens when you dial 867-5309