Reviews for "AN Escape Series #3"

What a series!

My record is 2:50.. beat it... Great series!! I place this the #1 Series Game... My #1 Series movie is Super Mario Bros. Z series

good fun

It was all good fun and i enjoyed all 20 minuets it took me to escape, but honestly, if you get stuck in a glass box, surly you'd just kick in the glass? :p


Great. The graphics, the whole idea. I just live escape games.


its a bit to hard it took me 10min to get out. keep up the good work

HAHAHAHA Tommy Tutone

dont ask why I put in 8675309 lol it just seemed like the right thing to do right on that joke made the whole thing worth it mind u it took me a hell of a long time to figure my way out lol 22 min