Reviews for "AN Escape Series #3"

This game is really hard.

All this time I was wondering what AN stood for and I figured it out. It's obviously Afro-Ninja! I thought maybe it was a big "an". This game was harder than I thought. It's nice that you included the walkthrough. I didn't know this series was around at 2007. I thought the artwork was pretty good.

This is the first escape game where you have binoculars. I don't know how that will get you out of this. It really is pretty unique for you. It's hard when there are no items or anything. At least it was different.

My favorite in the series. Again, afro-ninja makes the best escape games.

I love such word games at the end, because with a bit of logic(and knowing english of course haha) you can beat it without looking up the quote.

Excellent escape game. I love how you can make such tiny confinements into such intrincate games.

The best part about this point n' click challenge is probably the role of the telephone, and how we need to be constantly interacting with it in order to make things happen in the surroundings. Escaping requires cleverness and attentiveness to the environment around the booth, pretty cool.

Also enjoyed the word drop a lot.