Reviews for "How 2 Succeed on NG"

So true

You get a 10 and a 5 simply for getting that out on the table!
I cannot stand all the douchebag narutards who post all that anime crap, clogging up the portal with an "art style" that doesnt require talent to do.

Are you allowed to fucking cuss in reviews?

Anyways,great flash.Blablablabla.Suck up.Suck up.
But really I know that fat kid!!!!!
Nwa rules!!!!!
And the anime was hilarious.Half-Life 2 part was titty-ass!!!!!

You are my hero!!!!!!

when i get around to getting flash, im watching this again!!!!!

who didnt vote five for this?

this is funny, cept if u watch it more than twice, the half life 2 part gets boring
still this is funny


you sir are correct, time to work on some lame ass game parodies