Reviews for "How 2 Succeed on NG"


THAT WAS GREAT! The anime tip was so true XD

Not to bad

Personally I dislike anime to have others tell me that that's what we want. That is my stand, though. However you got the rest down pat. Good advice otherwise.
Lol, Mencia pops up when douche bag was mentioned.
Pretty good.


The art was good, but everything else was not good. The humor was poorly writen and portrayed.

The truth, as everybody knows, is that this is the easiest fastest cheapest way to get on the NG front page. I could have made front page anytime by following your advice. It annoys me on how many people do this though. I've seen others boast on how they've got Front page first submission. When it is just some cheap movie with no originality. Many animators are praised for their work. Few deserve it. Heck, alot of animations and games that are clearly better than the ones who make front page get scores arond 2.00.

What also annoys me is that the fact that when ever good animators get low scores, they sometimes respond with an insult. Like you did to the guy below me. For example when somebody say something productive and helpful the creator responds by saying something like "fuk u u fuking fggot" or "You can go fuck yourself".


I don't think I laughed once. It was almost painful how terribly executed the humor was. Not to mention this idea is very unoriginal and very badly executed. There are much better versions of this kind of video. Plus, the animation was stale boring tweens with an uninteresting art style. Oh how amazing.

I also love how when you say this, you still make random video game parodies that fall prone to everything you're making fun of. Plus, those are even less funny and very VERY forced. Please, please stick to serious animation. Humor definitely isn't your strong suit.

BiffTheTimid responds:

Hey man, thanks for the review. It's always nice to check my old movies and see new comments. I'll take what you said into consideration, but I was thinking. I might have a better idea. Instead of me sticking to serious animation (since its obviously not my strong suit), you go fuck your own face.


Billios obviously does not know how to read any type of disclaimer LOL.
What an idiot.