Reviews for "How 2 Succeed on NG"

From the veiw point of my 6 year old sister...

you said a swear

I get it maybe....... perhaps

I'm not 100% sure but i think i get what your saying....People need to stop piggybacking talented animators and do there own thing. and the parodies need to stop unless you can do some decent animating or it is actually funny. and i give 8/10 because i almost never give a 10


Make one of Halo dat would be soooo fuuuny XP


LOve the song at the end

Ah, so true! XD

The undeniable truth in this is too overwhelming to not give full stars. No, this movie isn't a joke, you're absolutely right! Anime and video game parodies run the site! Your examples were hilarious. "I'm fucked. I'm fucked!" Lol. Your animation was actually really well done and the the humour is great. Thanks for not relying on fanbase to make a terrific flash movie.