Reviews for "How 2 Succeed on NG"

good 4 noobs

this is pretty good info thx a billion (2 bad i don't have a flash making program!)



only 2 tips!

don't you know that it doesn't matter how good the tips are it all about how many....quantity over quality my friend....how am i supposed to make the greatest flash ever when i can actually remember all the tips...i should have to watch this flash repeatedly threw out my flash creation to make sure that i have followed all the tips...its how your get way more views......gosh i'm starting to seriously doubt the credibility of your mere TWO tips.....if i where you i would make a new one that has thousands of tips.....kuz no one would get overwhelmed/bored with your flash and just quit and blam it....kuz i wrote a really long review and i must know what im talking about.....so yea do exactly as i say because im a genious and represent all your viewers and you have to give the people what they want!....if you don't i will write a really mean review on it! :(

Understand completely

I watched it twice to get a good understanding of it. then i looked at the number of votes, counted in the number of views, the rank and the score.

I then read through the reviews so i could comment on the negative reviews.
Simply put the few people who gave negative reviews are idiots.
They commented on your use of sarcasm in the creation of the video as being hypocritical without realizing that at the same time you proved the statements you made about anime and video game parodies to be true.
It was essentially a stand up routine in that you state the obvious for the sake of comedy.
When it comes right down to it if you have a score of over 4.0 and are front page chances are the negative reviews you can ignore the negative reviews because you can't please everyone and you definitely pleased alot of people.

BiffTheTimid responds:

You observations are very astute. Most of the negative reviews are extremely similar in that they don't understand what a satire is. Thanks for the review, and maybe others will read and learn from it.

H0ly....sh33t!!! L0L

0mfg that had me laughing all throughout the flash! great job nad pl0x keep up teh good work :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!