Reviews for "Interlude SE"

Cool man

Really cool and trippy, nice animation . . . the eye overtop the hair kinda weirded me out tho for some reason.


i like your style and how you work emotions into your animations. The introduction worked really well and as Tambreo said, "built my curiosity and got me into the mood." Additionally, i really enjoyed the scene where the japanese text is shaken around, and the same text is scrolled across the top of the screen. Furthermore, I loved the twist, and how you portrayed it with the static effects and sudden contrast of white pureness to red evil/darkness.

however, my main problem with the flash is, again as Tombreo said, "the intro is not in proportion with the length of the flash." The snow falling down and footsteps was appropriate I felt, but the 'talking' scenes took way too long, and the angel meeting demon scene was lengthy to the point that to me, it detracted from the twist ending.

but other than that, great job :D

What was that about...?

Was that about something or just random ideas? Good animation but work on a story next time. The mood was only set up by the music, so good job with the music. Try to not use as much tweening next time. Practise some more and it will be awesome


Wow, very cool! I loved this. The beginning did not feel slow AT THE TIME, because it did a great job of building my curiosity and getting into the mood. After the animation was done, I realize that the intro is not in proportion with the length of the flash. The only solution-- make it longer! And the end was very abrupt. DUE to all the slow build up, I expected something more to happen.

Your drawing style varied a lot from shot to shot. It was interesting, but I'm wondering why you chose to do that?

I really really liked the dramatic effects you used in this story. The timing was very good, I love Setu-Firestorm's music, and it was cute but very sad-- I wonder if she saved him, or if she was even real?

A couple minor technical points:
-Aren't his hands FREEZING with no gloves? And if he lost them or doesn't have them, why would he lean his hands down in the snow?
-The boy's hair is blowing in a different direction from the girl/angel's hair in that shot when they are right next to each other.
-In that same shot, their hair is blowing fiercely, but the snow is still falling slowly and gently and doesn't seem affected.

Nice job.

Linked responds:

Thanks for the critique! =D


too long of an intro and dragged on. nice story, but cut some of the dragginess out and add more story.