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Reviews for "[2007] REBOOT 9"

Hm...I like it, but..

I love what your doing with this, but whats up with the whole mario thing? He should of put up more of a fight (especially the man in green..wtf..he had all that time and was just sitting there..) I fear for whats gonna happen to poor lil megaman.. besides that, it was pretty nice.

i thought it was really good

i liked the movie and the story line good job overall mann

Loved it

Stellar work.

You really portrayed a sense of doom and finality for the mushroom kingdom characters. There was a lot of emotion and depth behind every scene and I enjoyed it. The music was a really nice touch aswell, it kind of reminded me of the movie "The Universe"


so i watched 1-8 yesterday, and obviously just finished this episode. even knowing what's going on, this is still the weirdest series on NG. nothing else can match the style. i continue to find the random mini-music vids kinda lame, and they really break away from the dark story. i'm glad to see you're finally voicing more characters, but i still am wondering why you don't voice them all. there are tons of voice actors on NG if you need more people.

anyways, i really hope justice is served, cuz i wanna see smite get his head ripped off. the end.

Very nice

I love this series, and I've followed it from the start. I'm itching to see what happens next.