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Reviews for "[2007] REBOOT 9"


Interesting concept to choose!
I like the music choices and
animation style and idea.
This is good flash.
I recommend this too all!!
= 09/10 4.50/5.00 = :D kicking!
~(\Shadow Dinosaur/)~ {Cloushi}
((Ultimate Dinosaur of the Shadows))

Love the music!

Awesome music!!!

Crazy flash. I loved it. Great work of creaitivity!

I wish you'd actually write the song names you used, not just the bands though.


I think this is what happens when you play classic video games on LSD.


That was fantastic

I loved it and you've left me confused. I love the way luigi got blown into oblivion and the end starts with letsa go nice work!


Poor Luigi, what a horrible way to die xD Life measured in seconds, watching your time run out as you await certain doom. lol nice job

JMartin97 responds:

Haha, I was wondering if people would realize the setup smite had made. 15 seconds of fame.