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Reviews for "[2007] REBOOT 9"

This is a piece of art

I don't what it was about this, but I felt drawn to it, it was kinda weird man, felt hypnotized by the middle of it, is this your evil way of taking over the world? lol jk, it was kick ass man, love the plot twist, and you did everything to the max, loved it

Nice fuken music

i loved it
nice animation
i fuken love the music i still cant find that "false start" song
lol btw that mario stuff was kinda cruel lol!
u gonna revive him for next ep! >:O
haha hmmm and also i cant imagine mario talkin about death?
gj anyway

Great Job!

You've come a long way with this; I really didn't care for the haphazardness of the first few episodes, but the artsy feel of the entire series has really started to shine through as opposed to stubling over itself and muddling the storyline. I find myself running the gamit of emotions; you capture this tense creepiness and squeeze every last drop out of it, and your pacing is much more spot-on than it has been in the past. Excellent job with this piece, and I can't wait to see where you take it from here. Bravo!!!

how did you

how did you get this on newgroundswith that filesize i thought i didnt let u even upload anything past 10

plus mario is way waaaay to overused so everyone who uses him gets a 0 no matter what

JMartin97 responds:

Can't go wrong with that logic



so i watched 1-8 yesterday, and obviously just finished this episode. even knowing what's going on, this is still the weirdest series on NG. nothing else can match the style. i continue to find the random mini-music vids kinda lame, and they really break away from the dark story. i'm glad to see you're finally voicing more characters, but i still am wondering why you don't voice them all. there are tons of voice actors on NG if you need more people.

anyways, i really hope justice is served, cuz i wanna see smite get his head ripped off. the end.