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Reviews for "[2007] REBOOT 9"


So much effort went into this.

And unfortunately, I think it's terribly boring. So, so, sooo very slow and far too messy plot. It all could've easily been done in 4 minute, but you stretched it and stretched it and stretched it till you could stretch no more.

I barely ever comment on flashes in newgrounds, but I felt I had to because this stole so much time, with me thinking it would get better, but you just ended up killing Mario and co, while all the original characters seeming to have very little to actually say about themselves.

Clearly I would understand it better if I watched the rest of your series, but it's just all far too slow that I couldn't bring myself to care. You've got plenty of potential. Subtle plots that take effort to understand is one thing, but at least make it a little more straightforward next time and make it much faster.

JMartin97 responds:

Ugh is right, the reason this episode is long is to make fans happy. Ya know, people that watched the series and enjoy the story. Clearly you would understand it better if you watched the rest of the series. Still, thanks for the suggestions, I am trying to make it faster.


I don't think it was too great, at first however i was quite enjoying it with mario and the music and the pixelated way of things but then it became a little bleh. It was good and there's no denying that cuz it got on the frontpage, but it needs more movements in everything like when she slapped the other girl, more dynamic.

Damn man...

I wanted to rate this crap 0 so badly, so fast... but I stopped being a lazy tard and watched the whole thing from the start. I have to give it to you man, this shit is crazy and it really sucks you in. Now I guess I have to wait a half a year for the next installment =\
Don't rush it.

i don't know why, but i like it! ^^

I didn't watch the first parts, so I didn't get all of it - but nevertheless: it was very entertaining in a special way. great mix of unique style and good music! *both thumbs up*


i had no idea what was happening !