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Reviews for "[2007] REBOOT 9"

Amazing Video

I watched EP 9 first, found the other 8, and watched them all 2wice. Even still, I do not understand anything :) The story makes sense, but it's so random you can't predict what will happen next. The other thing I don't get is what the "Turquoise" guy's name is... He was called Turq in one, and something else in Ep9 (can't remember >.<)

This movie ranks next to SMBZ in my all time favorites. Most movies can be easily fortold after you've seen a decent amount of them. But this movie's twists, turns, and crazy art styles keep you guessing until it happens. PLEASE!! Don't keep me waiting to see what happens to Link and Samus!!!

So Awesome

This episode hit me like a monsoon! I loved it! ........This is the most unique show
I've ever seen, not just on Newgrounds but anywhere. In the scene where Smite
Agent hangs Mario, it looks like the scene in The Omen when the maid hangs her-
self over the balcony.. I don't know if you took inspiration from that or what but it
was cool.......... Man, I hope you make as many more episodes as the story allows.
I'm dying to see whats going on with Render.... GREAT SHOW I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Peace Out, sicknessinside.

Very Stylish

I've been fond of this series ever since I caught a glimpse of it earlier this year. I'd just like to say that I rarely see movies put out that have any bit of a style anymore which this has in multitudes. Granted, the story could be a bit revamped. Oftentimes, I'll find myself wondering how this happened, and how that happened, and why the hell Tetris blocks were dropping out of the sky in the first place. You make up for it in many aspects though. The 3d animation effects are very cool and quite cinematic. I'd say the only thing artistically that's a bit shady is the lip synchronization.

Finally, the music. You have incredible tastes in artists my friend. There was never a point where I felt the music didn't fit or wasn't top notch. Great choices. Overall, it's a great product that could use a bit of a spit shine. Keep up the great work.

Oh, and also, this has been bugging the piss out of me. What is the name of the track you use when we first catch a glimpse of Render after he landed (in the chapter Aftermath). I swear I've heard it before but I can't think of the name of the song or the artist that does it. Thanks.

JMartin97 responds:

Let There be Light - Justice

It'll be in the series more :P


If I'm not mistaken it seems like you took a lot of inspiration from M. STRANGE. If you don't know what I'm talking about there is this movie called We Are the Strange and it is very crazy and creepy at the same time and it seemed like there was some of that drawn into here.

JMartin97 responds:

Actually I have seen a little of that... not really my cup of tea :P


Ok, I've watched the entire thing since I didn't understand it at first, I took a couple days to watch all of the episodes. Yet there were a couple plot holes in this episode. Like: Why did that guy have a karaoke revolution moment to reboot the system? Was he the Norton Anti-virus program 'rewriting' and trying to fix the system that Singing is their way of writing code? And I'm surprised that The green girl started fighting the magenta girl like that. They barely know each other and the green girl barely took time to figure out what had happened. I mean, The magenta girl was JUST resurrected a few minutes ago (knowing that the entire happenings from about ep6 and on happen within 2 hours of each other) and they are already at each other's throats. Perhaps they could rub each other the wrong way... but there was almost no build up to the tension. I'm not going to say much about the comment from Magenta to Green about her trying to commit suicide... i actually don't remember that occurance and I'm sure Magenta's knowledge on that will be touched upon later on.
Story wise, it lacks character building. I know it's in there, but I still don't feel I know who these characters are. ya know what I mean? Things are happening just too fast.
Animation wise, You are getting there. Mostly need some fine tuning of your style and movement of the bodies. (Recommend the Book: Animators survival Kit) You have an excellent sense of compostition, Lipsync needs work. (Even if you have limited animation in the mouth, at least make sure the mouth doesn't start talking a few frames before the sound starts. It is recommended to have the sound start 1 frame after the mouth moves.) I love the 3D effects and some of your follow throughs. OH! and Your expressions are awfully stiff. They are almost... not alive... ya know? Blinking eyes help when your characters aren't moving, whether the camera is moving past them or not. Spend time on your eyes as that is mostly what the audience is looking at :3

I give this a 7 because even though there is a lot of potential, there is still a lot of work to be done to improve it. I think you have something great on your hands :3 Good luck!