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Reviews for "[2007] REBOOT 9"

That... Nvm!

I'd give this a 10 just for the nice-ass music, but the rest just wrecked it.

JMartin97 responds:


JEEBUS...WHEN WILL 10 come out?!?!

Okay, So I've been following the series for a while now... When will you come out with 10 ;_;

I loved the way you personified most of the ordinary computer processes and how things go horribly wrong half the time. The plot so far has been amazing... My problem is waiting for the next episode.

Post the next one soon!! =D

JMartin97 responds:

I'm trying :( Midterms..college...it sucks !

You are the best

You are one of my favorite artists on Newgrounds, and your work is excelent. My only problem is I don't understand whats going on in the series half of the time, a short summary would be of great help.
A Fan

Very nice

I love this series, and I've followed it from the start. I'm itching to see what happens next.

kool series

i dnt understand anything in this serries but its one of the best ive ever seen but 1 question wat song was smite agent singing before he killed mario?